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Michael Daniel
Producer And Owner

Record Production By Michael Daniel
Recording, Mixing and Producing
Major Label Sound At An Affordable Price
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There are certain functions that have to be done well to produce a good recording.

These include:

  • Writing the music
  • Writing the lyric
  • Session planning
  • Audio engineering
  • Tracking Bass
  • Tracking Guitar
  • Tracking Vocals
  • Arranging
  • Orchestration
  • Transcription
  • Duplication

What is unique and valuable about my services is that I can do, or help you greatly with, all these functions!

There are three types of recording contractors that you can give your money to:

  • Studios will rent you equipment and space.
  • Engineers will run equipment and record sounds as professionally as the equipment allows.
  • Producers can do everything for you that is necessary to make you sound your best, can maximize your results and can minimize your costs. Also, a good producer can mentor you in developing your music career.

I am an expert producer! I can give you whatever you need to succeed.

Here are the services I offer and what they would cost individually:

  • State-of-the-art studio with excellent gear    ($65/hr)
  • Experienced Producer (priceless)
  • Song writing Collaborator  (priceless)
  • Career Mentor (priceless)
  • Experienced Engineer ($20/hr)
  • Expert Vocal Coach ($50/hr)
  • Expert Guitar Coach ($50/hr)
  • Expert Drum Programmer ($30/hr)
  • Expert Session Bassist ($50/hr)
  • Expert Session Guitarist ($50/hr)
  • Transcriptionist ($20/hr)
  • Experienced Arranger ($40/hr)

You would pay over $375/hr for all these services if purchased individually.

I offer all this starting for only $35 per hour, and you get to record in a professional, positive, comfortable, in-home environment. I think you'll find the comfortable surroundings, relaxed atmosphere, and caring professionalism found at Point Studios will make it a rewarding place to work. You'll find yourself wanting to return for your next project. I promise you will sound better than you ever have.


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