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Performance Coaching Skills

Performance Coaching Skills

The biggest secret that I've discovered in all my musical experiences is that a solid grasp of fundamentals is critical. We all have a certain amount of 'musical RAM', or the amount of simultaneous musical events we can process. Shortcomings in fundamentals devastate your musical performance by taxing your 'musical RAM'. These also make it much harder, if not impossible, to focus on the emotional content of the performance. I've developed innovative methods to help guitarists and vocalists reach their full potential. If you are a musician, I can help you overcome any limitations in your performance skills.

I've transcribed and notated over 4,000 songs for vocal and guitar over the years. If you are in need of guitar playing on your recordings, I can record professional guitar and bass tracks in any style of music.

I can help you with vocal performance with my innovative song coaching method. There are probably a billion people in the world that can sing a simple musical scale or vocal exercise. However, this is not the only skill necessary to deliver a professional recorded vocal performance. In studying and transcribing songs over the years, I've discovered there are certain components that go into a good vocal performance.

I've found practicing these components in this order to be a powerful tool to maximize the full potential of a vocal.

These are:

-Accurate lyrics




-Broken words


-Staying on pitch







-Memorized lyric



I believe there are less than 1 million singers in the world able to consistently deliver all of these components. If they have the necessary persistence, we eventually come to call these singers 'stars'. Some singers do have an intuitive feel for these components, but these can also be learned. If just one of these components is missing, the recorded vocal will not sound good. Of course, the single most important component of a good recording is a good vocal. In fact, the best backing tracks are worthless without a good vocal. If you desire for a career as a musical performer, the most crucial component is the ability to deliver emotion through the recording to the listener. This is the 'IT' factor of music. Delivering emotionally is not possible if all the other components are not being performed on a subconscious level. I can help you if you are lacking any in any of these areas.

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